The Beta Nu Housing Corporation owns and maintains the Beta Nu house, located at 219 W. Fowler Ave. in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Members of the Beta Nu chapter may live in the house if one of the four rooms is available. Rooms are given based on seniority within Alpha Chi Sigma. The rent is very affordable and includes most utilities. The house is only a 5 minute walk from campus and the Chauncey Hill area. All active members of the chapter can rent a parking space and/or attic storage space on a semester basis as long as space is available.

Please contact Ben Wegenhart for additional information.

Why Live At AXΣ?

"Living at AXS sets me up closer to campus than the dorms are. It also is very affordable housing with people I know and trust, and I get the space and utilities of a home for the price of a tiny apartment."
Teresa Kennelly, Chemistry(ACS), 2018

"I enjoy living at the house because I can easily find a Brother to hang out with, or disappear to my room if I want to be alone. It is less than a 5 minute to nearly all of my classes, and the rent is less expensive than any other place this close to campus."
Josh Hyrman, Chemical Engineering, 2018

"I enjoy living at the house because the rent is inexpensive. If you're a social person, living at the house means that you'll always be able to see a friendly face because brothers are free to come and go."
Stephen McCune, Biochemistry, 2017