Pledging Information

Fall 2017

Rushing Alpha Chi Sigma

Thank you for your interest in our fraternity! Rush events take place from early to mid-September. They give you the opportunity to meet the brothers, ask questions, and see if AXS is the right fit for you. Anyone is welcome, including non-chemistry majors! All we require of you is that you have a general appreciation for the sciences and come with an open mind. Movie and game nights, BBQs, and ultimate frisbee are some examples of events we've done in the past.

Pending acceptance of bids (invitations to join the fraternity after rush), a pledging period of 5 weeks will follow. On average, it should not require you more than 4 hours of your time per week.

Alpha Chi Sigma is committed to maintaining a professional and welcoming environment at all times. Hazing of any kind, both physical and emotional, is not tolerated.